Loong Shell(for small hand)




“Loong Shell” is a new born product, which is already sold to some countries: USA, Korea, China, Japan, New Zealand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Canada…… Wish “Loong Shell” can change the world!

We will put all our hearts and provide great service on this product.
Thank you so much for your trusts and supports!

Free Shipping worldwide(you only need to pay your local import taxes). Please be noted that the parcel includes Lighter Parts, most couriers don’t accept, so we can only send you by slow courier, which need arround 30 days to reach to you.

Includes 1 set of Loong Shell, 1 humidor, and 40 pcs of Refillable Lighters part(No gas for safe shipping, please follow instructions to fill gas into lighter, it’s really very easy).

The “Instruction manual” will be a translated version for your language——–